SOWE is a non-profit organisation dedicated to improve the living conditions for women and children in high poverty regions of the developing world. We believe that the most efficient way to achieve this is to support local initiatives that work through social, educative and financial women empowerment.

SOWE was founded in 2020 with this sole purpose. We do not take salaries and rely on non-paid work by our members. All funds we raise will be sent to local initiatives in regions of high poverty, as of now we prioritize Mpigi region in Uganda.

Our objectives

– Provide social, financial and educational support for women and girls

– Increase the influence from women on society

– Facilitate women independence and a safe environment for women and children

– Finance and promote availability to family planning programs

– Decrease prostitution and prevent HIV and other STDs

– Prevent human trafficking, child marriage and domestic violence

Partnership SOWE and
Yamba Hearts for Uganda

We are working in close collaboration with Yamba Hearts for Uganda in the region of Mpigi. SOWE have no intentions of ending this collaboration and will continue to support Yamba Hearts for Uganda for as long as they need our support and work towards our common goal.