SOWE’s Writing Competition

We hosted our first writing competition in august 2020 with a total prize of 600 000 UGX shared between 10 winners. Women and girls in Mpigi participated by writing a 2 page essay on the subject:

“How did life change with Covid-19?”

Our goal with this project was to facilitate an alternative income for women during a time filled with uncertainty. Restrictions put in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19 have crippled the economy in the region and negatively impacted members in our community. By choosing our first subject to be “How did life change with Covid-19” we also collected stories from this part of the developing world and offered participants an opportunity to share how the pandemic have affected their life. Some of these stories can be read below.

We had a great response from our community members and we will be hosting more similar events in the future. By regularly offering a way to make money from writing we hope to inspire reading and writing throughout all ages and help reduce illiteracy rates.