SOWE Microloans

The women we have met in Mpigi are driven, hard working and want to improve the lives of their families and community. We believe that if they get the right opportunities, the women will make the best choices on what the community needs.

Therefore we empower the women to start their own small business with zero interest loans provided by SOWE donors. During 2022 we have issued microloans to 43 women with a combined value of approximately 8500 USD.

“For any project to be successful, project implementors have to first understand the local setting and identify key stake holders. These include project beneficiaries, local leaders, SOWE and Yamba Hearts for Uganda, each one of us is playing a certain role, we coordinate together. We seek advise and wise council from senior citizens because they know how people behave when it comes with handling money and especially loans in particular. We talk to religious leaders because they command a big section of our people. That’s what we have been doing since we started talking about implementing a micro loan project. We have been meeting different leaders, senior citizens, religious leaders and project target group and all their thoughts will inform how we should behave and serve our people. We need each one of the above mentioned individuals, they help us connect to our community that we hope to serve. “ – Charles Ssegawa

One of the first microloan recipients who used the money to restart her small business selling her hand-made baskets.
The woman to the right recieved microloans by SOWE donations to restart her restaurant which had to be shut down during Covid-19