SOWE’s Terra On-ramp

We have been fortunate to receive donations through Angel Protocol. We receive these donations in UST to our Terra wallet. Meanwhile our operation in Mpigi depend on transfers through the SWIFT system to Yamba Hearts bank account.

Even if we love the Terra blockchain we are thus forced to exchange our UST for USD and instead of paying fees to expensive exchanges we created this SEK-SET or USD-UST on-ramp for our members.

In short, we will sell UST/SET to our members at market price of USD/SEK. If you want to onboard money to Terra, follow the steps below.

With Swish (Swedish citizens)

1. Become a member at
(300 SEK/year)

2. Create a Terra account. We recommend the Terra Station app on your phone or Terra Station Chrome extension. Guide:

3. Fill in the form below.

Notice that we can only sell UST we have in our wallet, see our balance here:
If your address is wrong there is a risk that you will lose your money.
If your wallet is empty we will send some UST for you to pay the first transaction-fees.

4. Wait for us to confirm.

5. Send a Swish transfer to SOWE and write your Terra public key in message.
Make sure that the address you send to us is correct or there is a risk you will lose your money.